Restaurante Tatel

7 curiosities about Tatel

Situado en el Paseo de la Castellana madrileña, la oferta gastronómica de Tatel corre a cargo del chef Nino Redruello (La Gabinoteca) al que acompaña Patxi Zumárraga. Conoce más detalles del local de moda en Madrid.

Mike Holmes and Tim Tebow - Home Free

Home Free Home

Cindy Crawford & Silestone by Cosentino

Cindy Crawford & Silestone®

The campaign whose slogan is “Tops On Top” has been presented worldwide in KBIS, one the biggest events in the Kitchen and Bath sector that took place in Orlando, Florida but we won’t be able to see this campaign until March, when it will be published in different magazines around the world.


Great material for small houses

We cooperate with the ‘Tiny House Nation’ program by supplying the kitchen and bath worktops.

Lovable houses

In case you do not already know the program, Canadian owners of houses that do not fit their needs anymore face the hard dilemma of selling them or not…

Eternal beauty, unique beauty

In the Eternal Collection, the look of natural stone walks hand by hand with the unbeatable performance of our quartz surfaces. The Eternal Collection is created for the lovers of the unique look of natural stone but prefer the performance and resistance of quartz surfaces, which do not have the porosity of marble and granite and they are long-lasting and prevent stains.

Dekton USA Nadal

Rafa Nadal shines more than ever

Before winning his Olympic gold medal in Rio, the tennis player opened the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar”, featuring our ultracompact surface Dekton in many rooms.

DiverXO, a unique experience

David Muñoz, granted with 3 Michelín stars, is a creative and over-demanding chef. That is why, for his new restaurant DiverXO, signed by the well-known designer Álvaro Rosa-Violán, he had trusted on the Cosentino products for the worktops, walls and floors, due to its excellent performance.

Healthy and fun ways of family cooking

Cooking in family is a fantastic idea, especially if we choose healthy and balanced dishes. We must not forget that the child obesity and overweight is a serious health problem nowadays. In Cosentino Group, we know that we need to foster healthy habits since early ages, and that is why we are part of the initiative “Te cuento en la cocina”, a cooking contest in which parents and children can learn to cook together.