Nebula Code Serie

Silestone’s Most
Natural Appearance

Nebula Code is a series that features unique patterns, veining and movement, creating unique, one-of-a-kind slabs.

The Nebula Code series represents the beauty of irregularity, the randomness of nature applied to a product manufactured with the guarantee of Silestone and its unique performance characteristics.



Uniform sohistication

Daria Nebula Code

Available in: Z b

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Light browns verging on beiges are showcased in Silestone’s perfect example of discreet simplicity. Daria is the essence of subtle harmony for surfaces that can be adapted to an extensive palette of environments.


Bright and familiar

Helix Nebula Code

Available in: Z b

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Helix balances its dominant off-white color with the natural appearance of veining. The careful construction of these patterns is offset with multiple shades of grey, giving it a classic, pure appearance.

Pulsar Nebula Code

Available in: Z b


Brightness with

Pulsar adorns the white with veins that combine conventional and delicate greys with a hint of color ranging from beige to mustard. A classic option with a hint of color.

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Environmental Reflection

The high chromatic adaptability of Istmo, its soft brown veins and reflection of nature are all characteristics that make it an indisputable choice for beautiful environments.

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Itsmo Nebula Code

Available in: Z b


Elegant style

Calypso Nebula Code

Available in: Z b

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Dreis is the result of Silestone’s quest to seek out the serene warmth of brown hues. With predominantly dark shades as a foundation, the natural veining provide a stylish and unique contrast.

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