Bathroom Countertops

Silestone possesses the ideal characteristics for bathroom countertops.

With a low absorption level and virtually no joints, the bathroom surface will remain unchanged after its daily use.

Why Silestone is perfect
for Bathroom Countertops

U Its non-porous surface means low absorption levels and resistance to staining in an area where water and beauty and hygiene products are common.
Q Since Silestone is mainly made of hibrid minerals, it is highly resistant to scratches.
J Its highly impact resistance allows you to handle any object in your bathroom with absolute tranquility.
R Silestone® is the most cutting-edge hybrid surface of minerals and recycled materials on the market.
Even with these benefits, Cosentino offers a 25 year transferable warranty on all Silestone surfaces.

Unlimited Customization.

Silestone offers a wide range of possibilities for integration. The material can be used in all areas of the bath, including sinks, shower pans, wall siding and flooring.

Customisation and design have no limits with Silestone.

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